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1   Link   Vacuum Bagging Info
The technique of vacuum bagging is used to construct foam core wings, either with a wet layup of fiberglass cloth and resin or to apply a wood veneer skin. Both practices use the same principal: enclose the wing in an airtight "bag", then remove the air from within the bag allowing atmospheric pressure to hold the wing skin against the core while the adhesive cures.
2   Link   Charles River Bagging and Foam Cutting Library
3   Link   MacFoil
MacFoil is a shareware Macintosh program that creates plots of airfoils, and is intended for builders of model airplanes. In addition to drawing the airfoil itself, it can also draw sheeting allowances and up to 10 spars or reference lines. It can create foam cutting templates including entry and exit ramps, washout (or washin) angles, and wire kerf compensation. You can edit an airfoil's thickness and camber, and export the modified airfoil data to a text file. You can also export an airfoil plot in DXF, EPS, or PICT format, and MacFoil prints at high resolution on printers that allow it.

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