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Wizard Compact II Tips

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Wizard Compact 2x tips

I have had 4 Wizards and flown them a lot. I also asked other owners and perused the web for tips. Here is a collection of tidbits so far...

On a plane like the Wizard go for top-notch servos. I've used Volz, Multiplex and JRs in my Wizards.

If you want to do a side-by-side servo setup like in my building pictures you need a servo like the JR-341 non-digital or the DS-368 digital or a servo no larger than these. If you go tandem you could use larger servos but you have to watch for the ballast tube intruding on your available space.

The flap and aileron servos can be about as big as the Multiplex Speed Digi although I am not sure what the same size non-digital is called. Micro-Maxx Xs and Micro Maxx Xps can be used and with a little finagling, you can get the Volz mount in so you have removable, serviceable servos. Recent DS versions have been build with JR DS-3421.





Wizard Superlight Pictures

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Wizard SL w/yellow and pink top





Volz Servo Install in the Wizard Compact

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Jim Porter sent me this picture of his flap servo install using a Volz Micro Maxx and the ply Volz mount.

Jim Porter's Wizard flap servo install




Installation In My New Wizard Compact C-93

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This is the second Wizard I have done and it went pretty much like the first. This is a C-93 with a super reinforced LE for our local slopes.

I did this radio install in the McLaren Wiz a few months ago and am just now getting the pix posted. Where does the time go?

The McLarenesque paint scheme






LEG Slopefest 2007 in Kansas

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slopefest07Pix from the 2007 LEG Slopefest in Lucas, Kansas:


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