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Slope Flyer Flight Log

Pix from SODA Slope May 2010

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I posted some pix on Flickr from our May slope soaring trip with the MRCSS club and several locals to South Dakota. More to come as people send them in.

Last Updated on Monday, 17 May 2010 02:32

A mess at Menez-Hom - Death of a Wizard

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On Sunday afternoon, May 3rd we went to the very famous 1000 foot hill called Menez-Hom. This is only about 20 miles from Le Faou where we are staying. Temp 60 degree, wind 15 mph from the NNE.

After more nearby house hunting earlier in the day, we drove to the top of the hill, parked the car in the already crowed lot. Lots of tourists come here in good weather as well as bikers, hikers, campers, and people like us.

I had reservations about going to this site, but it was close to Le Faou.


Bob Completes His 8 Hour Level V Slope Flight

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Bob sent in this report on his experiences attempthing the 8 hour, Level V LSF slope task.

April 25th 2009. Frankfort, KY.

I responded to an open invitation to go to Frankfort for an 8 hour slope attempt by Gordy Stahl.

I departed Michigan for Frankfort, KY. Arriving that evening with my Oly2 and an AVA.

I thought long and hard about which one to fly. The Oly is great old sailplane but can it penetrate 20+ mile an hour winds? The AVA has a more modern airfoil and is thinner. I decided to try and put "C" batteries in the fuse just below the wing at the CG as Ballast. The batteries weighed 10 Oz. With dense foam rubber and all It weighted about 11 ounces. Not allot of Ballast but enough I thought. The Oly also had 4 "C" cells installed just behind the leading edge bulkhead. So both were available to me.


Big Bay Flying 03-09

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Big Bay Park - Whitefish Bay, WI - 03-22-09

Good wind and a reasonably warm weekend for this time of the year brought out 6 Milwaukee area slopers for only the second get together of the year. While a few of us have had some individual flights, having a good group of guys together makes it more fun to fly!

Dave and Ben started out at Concordia but the wind was more north than predicted so the call was made to meet at Big Bay Park. Greg, Michael, Mirko and Russ met the early crew there.

It was a day for Weasels and wings. Maybe in anticipation of the upcoming MidWest Weasel (Whatever) Fest! There were at least 3 Weasels, a Moth a couple of Bees, a Slope Monkey and a Mini Conmbat Wing.


Dave and his Weasel.


Formation DSing at Grants Pass

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Mirko sent me this YouTube link to a great video of formation DSing at Grant's Pass. Reminds me of South Dakota formation sessions. Can't wait for spring! Check it out!

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 February 2009 06:04

Atwater Beach Sloping 01-10-09

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p-51 at Atwater BeachMirko, Dave and I had a good flying session at Atwater today. The temp was about 27 degrees with a nice 15-20mph wind coming straight in to the Northeast-facing slope at Atwater.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 February 2009 04:28

Slope Soaring Concordia Jan 3 2009

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concordia-0109sm-1353While we typically try to get in a slope flight in on New Year's Day, this year did not cooperate with the wind direction. (We did get a bit of *gasp* power flying in a AstroWings). Anyway, It wasn't until the 3rd that I  got a call from Mirko reporting that the wind would be good and the temperatures moderate at Concordia on Sunday. So, I went to the shop early and got a couple of planes ready; my Bee and the LEG P-51.
Last Updated on Saturday, 14 February 2009 15:19

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