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Tom Hoopes Makes Great Wiring Harnesses

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Tom Hoopes has solved one of my least favorite parts about building an R/C Sailplane. He manufactures top quality wiring harnesses for most of today's popular sailplanes and if he doesn't already have the specs, he'll get them from you so he can help you wire about any plane you can think of.

All of you out there who don't like making wiring harnesses any more than I do have a savior in Tom Hoopes of Hoopes Designs. Tom is lucky enough to have really cool machines that are used for real business that he can hijack sometimes and fill orders for R/C plane wiring harnesses!

All the good stuff

I've used Tom's kits on Wizard Compacts, the X-21, the Opus and the Molded Extreme. The piece of mind I get from knowing that the wiring in my plane is done correctly and that I saved 2-3 hours making the harness are well worth the price of admission.

On top is the fuse connector and on the bottom is the wing connector


The Hoopes Connector in place in my Wizard SL fuse


Follow the template for a great fit


Finally, the clean install and professional look of a Hoopes equiped plane says the owner cares. Sure looks better than the cobbled up wiring I've seen in more than a few planes!

You can contact Tom at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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