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Sloping Cody and Trip to Red Lodge
Posted by Greg Smith on Sep 2, 2006, 01:59

We started the day in Cody, WY where we met Walt, Porter, Porter's wife Betty and Adam for breakfast at Granny's Kitchen, a Cody staple, for breakfast. We talked planes and Cody news while munching and made plans for where to go to fly. Elk Butte was the chosen venue even though the wind forecast was not the best.

We made the 13 mile trek to Elk Butte and drove up the 1100-foot butte on a pretty decent gravel road.

At the top we discovered only light wind.

We flew Weasels first but the lift died. Porter tried a Sig Riser and even that light bird didn't fly.

The wind was off the slope by 60-degrees or so but at least it was light! So Dave flew the Sky Sergio electric and I flew my electric Majko.

A bit later the wind switched sides where Dave and I continued flying the electrics.

Porter flew his Riser again with more succes this time as the thermals were becoming more active.

Walt flew his Bird of Time and had a good flight.

As the wind died again there were few walks down the slope and it was time for Dave and I to head to Red Lodge, MT.

If you are in the Cody, WY area check out Dave from Big Horn Hobbies. He is a sloping supporter and pilot so check him out. Also on eBay Stores as Big Horn Hobbies.

On the advice of the Cody Crew we made a detour on our way to Red Lodge 11 miles up Chief Joseph Scenic Highway to top of the pass at Dead Indian Hill which is 8040 feet where the  scenic turnout is. We noticed a gravel road just before the turn out that took us up another 200 feet above the road and it was spectacular. The wind was light but on a good day this place will be really good. We flew, of course, Weasels and the lift was really good for the 6-8 MPH of wind. Because of the shape of the lip and the near vertical face there is a dead zone just behind the lip. This allowed us to do a little Weasel DS right in the dead zone with turns about 3 to 6 feet above the ground. What a hoot.

After the stop we headed on to Read Lodge via Wyoming 120 and Montana XXX through Bearcreek.

Tried the Bear Creek turn out but it was not working because the wind was not the right direction. In the past this spot had great lift so it is worth a shot if you are in the area.

Explored some spots up Montana 78 towards Roscoe. Found a good little hill off the map where we flew Weasels.

With the wind direction better we had a final flight at the BearCreek turnout with the Apogee and the Weasel.

On to Yellowstone in the AM!

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