SH-50 Wing Construction
By Greg Smith
Feb 2, 2003, 22:02


The first wings will have a 50 inch span. They will be made from fiberglass, Kevlar, epoxy and foam. We will be using a vacuum bagging system to hold it together while the epoxy cures.

The Wings will have a 7-1/2 inch root cord and a 4-1/2 inch tip cord. This will give us a wing area of about 300 square inchs.

The wings will have full span ailerons with a servo for each.

Mylar cut to shape and painted with Krylon

Gray foam cores, tips sanded to shape and minor imperfections in the core filled with light spackel.

join cores

Making the bag.

A layer of Kevlar is attached to the LE with a light coat of 3M-77

Ply reinforcements for the wing bolts in place and scale with weight of cores including LE Kevlar strips.

The lay-up of cloth, 3 layers of 1.4 oz fiberglass, Kevlar reinforcement and hinge on aileron.

Wetting the cloth with West’s epoxy

Mylar folded over the cores and ready for bagging.

Seal the vacuum tube well!

The layer of paper towel allows even vacuum across the entire wing.

The servo bays and the hole for the servo wires. A hot wire was used to make a path for the wires before the bagging.

Other Components


Final Assembly

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