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Welcome to! is a resource for people interested in r/c slope flying and slope soaring related news. There is an extensive listing of slope soaring sites to fly and most slope site listings have local contact info so interested slope soaring pilots will know who to contact in a particular area. The more slope site and contact info you all send in, the more useful this site will be! If you are interested in posting a story please email Greg and I'll tell you how to do it.

We answer the question: What is slope flying?

slopeflyer slope soaring intro
Mirko flying his Wizard Compact at Concordia. Photo: Greg Smith

We also have slope plane, accessory and radio reviews, tips to get the most from your equipment, slope planes for sale, a flight log and race/competition coverage.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site!

Now Available! The LEG EPP Building Clinic 4-Disc DVD Set

Posted by Greg Smith on Mar 22, 2007, 22:20
This 4-DVD set covers EVERYTHING about building a Leading Edge Gliders PSS slope plane. We take it from right out of the box through building, taping, covering, painting, weathering and even test fly it at the slope with plenty of great general rc slope soaring type info thrown in as well, so don't think this is just for PSS guys. While this video concentrates on the building of one of Jack's 60-inch PSS Warbirds, many of the tips and techniques are applicable to other EPP planes as well as model building in general. Archives

Posted by on Feb 2, 2009, 21:39
You may notice the slightly changed logo in the upper left hand corner. The addition of "archives" means that very soon this part of the site will no longer be updated and that the new version will be the place to go! There is a bunch of content to move, and there are probably links in articles that will lead back to this "archives" section, so it will stay for the foreseeable future. In addition Google ranks a lot of those pages very well and it would be a shame to throw away that work!

FYI the current version of has served well since about September 1st, 2002. 6 and 1/2 years is a commendable run in the web world! Previous versions of slopeflyer go back to 1998. Someday I may throw them back up just for posterity's sake.

New site progress

Posted by Greg Smith on Jan 31, 2009, 22:00
I've been getting some work done on the new version of this site what with the 7 to 15 degree temps all week! Well, it was 40 today but the wind was totally wrong. Oh, well, it can't last for ever. Anyway, while it is just a start, and I am still using a modified stock template for the look of the place, if you are the curious type, you can see the progress at: Webserver Move

Posted by Greg Smith on Jan 30, 2009, 13:28
It looks like the server move went pretty seamlessly. There may be a few files that are missing or referenced wrong but I had to make the move in preparation for the rolling out of the revamped version of this site. It may be a bit rocky for a bit but I think the added functionality of the new system will be a greater benefit than any glitches along the way. At any rate, I will leave all the old pages in place for the foreseeable future and hopefully you all will still find the information you need!

I'll post up again with the new site directory in a few days so, if you are the curious type, you can follow the pain from the beginning!

Pompano Beach Slope Blog

Posted by Greg on Jan 12, 2009, 23:38
Our friend Mike Williams, who attended our WeaselFest event last April, has an impressive blog about the Pompano Beach Slope here:
Check it out

Atwater Beach Sloping 01-10-09

Posted by Greg on Jan 10, 2009, 23:05
Mirko, Dave and I had a good flying session at Atwater today. The temp was about 27 degrees with a nice 15-20mph wind coming straight in to the Northeast-facing slope at Atwater.

Formation DSing at Grants Pass

Posted by Greg on Jan 7, 2009, 13:18
Mirko sent me this YouTube link to a great video of formation DSing at Grant's Pass. Reminds me of South Dakota formation sessions. Can't wait for spring!

What the Heck is Up at or 2008 year in review!

Posted by Greg on Jan 5, 2009, 13:58
No doubt many of you have noticed a fairly sparse update schedule for the past few months. Rest assured that after 10 years of running and hosting this site that I am not going anywhere but I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. Get a post going and give you all an update on what is happening here at

Slope Soaring Concordia Jan 3 2009

Posted by Greg Smith on Jan 5, 2009, 12:56
While we typically try to get in a slope flight in on New Year's Day, this year did not cooperate with the wind direction. (We did get a bit of *gasp* power flying in a AstroWings). Anyway, It wasn't until the 3rd that I  got a call from Mirko reporting that the wind would be good and the temperatures moderate at Concordia on Sunday. So, I went to the shop early and got a couple of planes ready; my Bee and the LEG P-51.

iPhone Weather Apps for Slope Soaring Pilots

Posted by Greg Smith on Dec 23, 2008, 13:43
There are, at my last count, 62 applications in the Apps section of the iTunes store for the iPhone that have something to do with weather. 40 of them cost something. While I think some of the paid apps have merit, I figured that I would work through the free apps first to see if I could find one that does what I need so all listed here are either free from the App Store or websites with iPhone specific formatting.

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