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Mini Ellipse Electric for Wind on a No Wind Day
Posted by Greg Smith on Nov 27, 2006, 22:28

I finally got around to installing a proper sized spinner on my mini Ellipse Electric which necessitated a new prop since the slimmer yoke would not take the 11x10 I had been using before. By the way, it has a Hacker B-20-15L and a ThunderPower 3S 1570 pack in it. I liked how the 11x10 really dug in. Top-end speed was not really high but it went vertical like a scalded cat. this plane likes to climb under power and then shut the motor down and dive for speed and aerobatic fun. It is actually a super thermaller as well but more often than not I fly it at the slope like a PSS plane substituting the burst of power fro the traditional PSS pump. Works fro me and I love flying on light wind days when I can really hear the Mini Ellipse screaming in the dives.

The closest props I could find to the 11x10 that fit were an 11x8 and a 10x8 so I put on the 11x8 and took the Mini E to a nice little slope for a test flight. No wind today so it was good to have the ability to make my own. Top speed inna straight line seem faster and the climb does not seem to have suffered as much as I thought it would so this seems good to me.

Why go to a slope on a day with no wind? Well, I still like flying right out in front of me. I still can't get used to that power field thing where the plane is 300 feet in the air all the time. If the plane is not below my feet at least part of the time I feel strange!

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