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More Concordia Slope Flying on Sunday
Posted by Mirko Bodul on Mar 31, 2008, 21:30

Sunday at Concordia

Chris and I arrived about 11:00 AM near the fisherman statue. The wind was more from the south and I thought that we might be better off flying from the bowl on the north end of Concordia, since the wind came more from the right than on Saturday. So we drove over there, parked, and I set up my 100 Dynamic, which I use as a test plane for first flights when the wind seems light. Temperatures were again about 38 F with a gray sky. This area was somewhat muddy compared to the south end, but it had a larger landing area.

There were no whitecaps, but the wind seemed steady at about 11MPH. Chris got his Stryker going right away and I heard the electric motor running every once in a while I assembled the Dynamic. I flew this plane without incident and as it flew up to pretty good altitudes, this was reassurance that the Wizard would fly without a problem. After about 20 minutes, I landed the Dynamic and went to set up the heavy Wizard. By this time Steve showed up and started to fly his Weasel. I got set up in a few minutes and launched the Wizard from the bowl area; it immediately started to climb and gained pretty good altitude for the moderately light wind that was blowing.  Again, this was a great flight with a great plane. Steve landed his Weasel with no problem.

After about twenty minutes, I landed without incident, packed up and went home at about 1:00 PM. The flying was good, but it was going to be a short day, since I had to get some things done at home. Steve and Chris went over to the AstroWings field for some power flying.

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