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Al the Bag Lady Custom Bag Review
Posted by on Sep 11, 2005, 20:17

Bag Lady Review

Al the bag Lady has made me 2 custom bags over the past couple of years and they are hands down the best bag for your sailplane. To my spec each holds two planes. One bag has 2 McLean Extreme 2-meter planes in it and the other has 2 Wizard Compacts in it. The Wizard bag is really cool because I had Al make a backpack strap arrangement so if I hike in anywhere I can wear it on my back. The cost a bit but then again they are custom and they rock. He even made special ballast pockets in my bags. Personal service canít be beat.

The Bag Lady Bags are custom made one at a time and, like many of us Al has another job that takes sewing time away... so it's not his full time job. Cost for mine was about $ 265.00 + shipping each.

Since every bag is a custom order he can do a lot of different things with the bags. He can add backpack straps, shoulder straps, make the bag longer, shorter or fit two planes, plus do specials for Scale Fuse & wings, IMAC Wings, etc. you name it he can do it.

Shoot him a note at:

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