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Atwater Beach Slope Flying 03-20-06
Posted by Greg Smith on Mar 20, 2006, 21:41

Finally, some good wind at the local slope. It was coming in nice at about 18-25 for most of the day at Atwater Beach. Mirko and I made a couple of stops and Michael took a gander as well. With temps in the low 30's it got cold pretty quickly, but it was worth it just to get out!

The first time I stopped there I had the hill to myself and got out the trusty, cold weather ship, my LEG P-51C. When the fingers are cold and the ground is hard I love the carefree feeling I get flying one of Jack's EPP warbirds.

I met Mirko at Culver's for a quick bite to eat and then we headed back for a bit more action.

I again flew the P-51C while a couple of onlookers wondered what the heck we were doing in the cold! Easy hight gain and lots of half-piping with three and four roll passes were great.

Mirko got out his Hornisse and I shot a couple of pix. Didn't have the 70-200 for some reason but I am trying out a new RAW processor for the native pix from the Nikon D200 so I shot a few anyway. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the right gear!

Hornisse looking good!

Does this still look good?

Nice grass and bushes

Except for some mud, it's OK

The Hornisse is one of those planes that just keeps coming back for more! It has more lives than any other sloper I've seen!

Tomorrow is looking as good or better and Dave is supposed to get a break to come out so hope to have a report again tomorrow.

Say, Bye!

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