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Atwater Beach Sloping 01-10-09
Posted by Greg on Jan 10, 2009, 23:05

Mirko, Dave and I had a good flying session at Atwater today. The temp was about 27 degrees with a nice 15-20mph wind coming straight in to the Northeast-facing slope at Atwater.

I had a flight with my Bee to test the air before the other guys showed up and found really good lift. After about 10 minutes I plopped the Bee on the ground in front of me after a brush run and decided that I should warm up instead of tossing the plane out again.

Mirko arrived as I was warming up and topping off the charge on the LEG P-51 and went out to fly his Slope Monkey

Dave came a bit later and flew his Lumberjack for a couple of flights with one of them culminating in an impressive triple back flip after a bush whacking run.

On the second flights Dave and I made Mirko shot some video with his little Canon camera. The video is not bad if you click the High Quality link and turn down the volume. There is a lot of wind noise.

Sweet! This was alreay my thinrd day sloping this year. That is more flying, I think than the last 6 months of 2008!

After the flying Dave stopped by the shop and demonstrated his little eFlight helicopter. Pretty cool with all the directional control you need.

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