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Atwater Slope Flying June '06
Posted by Dave Kramer on Jul 3, 2006, 04:21

After what seems like months without a decent east wind Saturday and
Sunday was absolute heaven.

My cell phone rang early Saturday and before I even picked it up my wife
said Go fly! I guess shes learned that if my phone rings early its
Mirko saying lets fly! So I pile some planes in the car and meet
Mirko at Atwater Beach. Winds are 15 to 20 and almost straight in.
Today is the Shorewood Mens club picnic so lots of extra people and the
smell of roasting chickens. More people than usual were coming up and
asking the same questions.  You know, how high, how much, how fast, did
you build it, what happens if you crash (I love that one).

Mirko brought his Pixel, Hornisse, Fitness and Dynamic while I had my
JW, Jerry and Opus.  This would only be the second time flying the Opus.
 The first was in South Dakota with its wide open landing zones. I
worked up my nerve and out went the Opus! Up up and away! Its flying
great. Get some altitude then dive down and revel in the sound it
makes. No pictures but the grin is ear to ear. We flew from 10am to 2pm.

Sunday, my cell phone rings again at 8:30. Another potentially great
day. As I get to the slope Mike Davidson is tossing his Weasel. Mike
had a friend from New York in for the weekend so we gave him a show. I
flew my Opus again, man I love that plane.  

Mirko flew his Pixel and Mike flew his Weasel and Fitness. Mike and I
did a little half-harted combat with his Weasel and my JW. Mike had to
leave early and Mirko and I flew till about 1. The wind was starting to
die so we packed it up.  

All in all a great two days. Everyone had fun and no planes were broken
in the process.

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