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You Could Be Slope Trash
Posted by Max D. Bee on Sep 1, 2002, 19:31

Slope Trash drawing by Steve Draeger

You Could Be Slope Trash If...

...You've used the splintered spar from a slope plane you just crashed to pick the beef jerky out of your teeth.

...You've ever cleaned up the remains of your slope plane with a dust pan and broom after saying "Hey watch this!"

...You've flown a slope plane for over a year and suddenly realize you've never landed it on purpose.

...The landing zone at your favorite flying site is a bush.

...An eight course meal after a full day of flying is a bag of chips, a jar of salsa and a six-pack.

...There's just something about the acoustic properties of Duralene against rock that makes you feel all warm inside.

...Foamie combat racing kicks ass, especially when you use your opponent as the far turn pylon.

...You've got thousands of dollars worth of slope planes and radio gear but you have to dig between the sofa cushions to find money to pay the electric bill.

...You know the names of all the Weather Channel babes because you turn them on every weekend before you wake up your wife.

...You refuse to repaint your PSS warbird because you like the purple streak left by that Samurai you took out in Kansas, and the brown smear from the P-40 at Cajon Summit, and the dings from the iron weeds in Utah, and the crack from...

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