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South Dakota Rock 1, Extreme 0
Posted by Greg Smith on Nov 7, 2003, 23:53

Last trip out was the first time to SD in several trips that I damaged one of my favorite planes so I feel pretty lucky, but there is still a twinge of pain to see my current favorite plane get damaged. Don't worry I can fix it and it will fly as well as ever. Still, the first dent so to speak is a bummer.

This repair is meant to be structurally strong and look decent but I am not trying to be a perfectionist here. This plane is one of my most often flown and likely will get whacked again.

I have used 30 minute epoxy and micro balloons for most of the internal gluing and ACP EZ-LAM for the outer skin repair.

The damage on the top

The damage on the bottom

Gluing the aileron skins back together

After the glue

The skin seperated from the subspar so I am gluing it back together here

Using Mylar to make a smooth finish

Bottom done

More pix to come.

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