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Erwin 5
Posted by Greg Smith on Oct 30, 2003, 13:26

What a mean machine!

Erwin 5

Price: $550 US
In stock and available for immediate shipment.

Description :

  • Wingspan.[mm]: 2000
  • Weight [g]: 1150
  • Airfoil: HQW/1,5/7 mod.
  • Aspect ratio: 13,54 to 1
  • Uses: Slope - Aerobatics/ Slope - Allround


  • CFR/GFR,with CFR rovings


  • 2-piece wing for an easy to handle little package in the car or backpack.
  • CFR/GFR shell construction without support material. That's why the surface is more resistant against damage.
  • no varnish/paint - that's why the plane is lighter and damage can be repaired more easily.
  • spar with CFR/GFR-hose
  • Elliptical lift distribution
  • crescent-shaped wing-tip
  • HQW/1,5/7 mod. - very good for use with plain flaps


  • CFR shell construction without support material
  • spar with CFR/GFR-hose

Cut ailerons, plain flaps and elevator. pre-cut servo-boxes in the wing. Aluminium tubes, aileron-connection, ball-joints for the elevator. Buliding instruction are included.

Price: $550 US
In stock and available for immediate shipment.

Contact for more information.

The prefabricated pieces as they come from the factory

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

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