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Opus V DS
Posted by Greg Smith on Apr 21, 2003, 22:16

UPDATE 02/16/04: For Opus V DS sales we are making the transition to our new Sailplane Shop website. Check there for the latest info! 

The Opus V DS is a high performance version of the popular Opus slope glider. Our DS V's construction is custom speced by Espen Torp to withstand the punishment of DSing. However, it is a terrific frontside plane as well. The RG-14 airfoil makes it a rocket and the well thought out design and planform makes it an easy plane to fly. The Opus V DS is an all hollow molded plane and is painted in the mold. The finish rivals the best in the business. Radio installation is all that is required to get the Opus V DS in the air. is working with Espen to bring the DS spec Opus V to the United States. If you are interested in one of these super planes, email

Opus specs

Type:  2-meter class racing/sport slope sailplane
Wing: 74.5-inch span one-piece, super strong wing, bottom hinged flaps It has a wing ballast tube and includes 10 ounces of brass slugs.
Wing Area: 485 sq in.
Airfoil: RG-14
Fuse: 41 inches, Heavy carbon reinforcement. The fuse can hold 20+ ounces of ballast.
Weight: (with heavy DS lay up) 57oz
Construction: Molded fiberglass fuselage and hollow molded wing/tail
Controls: Aileron, flaps, v-tail (rudder/elevator)
Radio: (Typical) 700mah battery, HiTec SuperSlim, 2 x HS-85s in the fuse and 4 x HS-85MGs in the Wing. For DS the JR DS-368 is great!

The layup of the glass Opus ET/DS V version looks like this:

Glass - 40gr/dm
Glass - 110gr/dm
Glass - 110gr/dm D-Box
Balsa 1mm
Glass - 80gr/dm

40 gr/dm is outer layer. The DS V uses a beefy carbon spar as well.

See Below For In Stock Opuses

If you do not see any planes then there are none in stock. Let me know and I can get you a plane on the next order. Perfection takes time and it can be up to 6 months depending on where we are in the production cycle.

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