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Kevlar Leading Edge for Bagged Wings
Posted by Greg Smith on Dec 3, 2002, 20:37

Kevlar leading edges work very nicely on your glass bagged wings. As you can see in the photo, the Kevlar is wrapped around the LE as the innermost layer of the layup. It is held in place with 3M Super-77 Spray-Trim adhesive.

An option that can make the final finishing of the LE easier is to add a slightly wider layer of fiberglass over the Kevlar. This will give you something besides the Kevlar to sand and makes a very smooth LE. Tracy Brown has a good technique where he laminates the Kevlar and the fiberglass together with Super-77 before gluing it to the core so it can be done in one step.

Lay the rest of the wing up as you see fit for the intended purpose of the wing. Make sure to wet out the Kevlar, and fiberglass if used, leading edge before you put the wing in the Mylars.

When the wing is removed from the bag there will be some sanding of the other layup materials to remove so the Kevlar LE becomes visible. Try not to sand too much of the Kevlar. It fuzzes up when sanded so you will know when you are at the Kevlar layer. Use foam-safe CA on the Kevlar fuzzies and lightly sand until smooth. If you went with the additional layer of glass you shoulds not hit the Kevlar much at all.

The Kevlar leading edge is very durable and can be repaired more easily than a spruce or basswood leading edge. Just reshape the damage and hit it with foam-safe CA and you are in the air again!

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