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Jim Bags sailplane carrying cases
Posted by Greg Smith on Aug 24, 2002, 10:07

Jim Bags sailplane carrying cases.

Jim Bags are made to protect your sailplanes wings, fuselage and removable tail. The tough outer Cordura type material is available in a variety of colors and the bags have high density foam sewn in the the outer skins as well as the inner dividers. Two full length zippered compartments are separated by a Nylon skinned, foam lined divider and keep your wings protected on one side and your fuse and removable stabs on the other side. On the fuse side are pockets to hold the stabs. The bags have good handles for carrying and an eyelet on one end for vertical storage if that is how you like to store your models.

I found the bags to be very high quality and the price is sure right. The protection against transport and hangar rash is well worth the investment. I got one each for my Wizard Compact II, Viper and Acacia II.

Jim Bags only come in one size and this is done to keep the cost down. The current bag is 66 inches inside dimension and will accommodate most open class TD ships, F3B birds and unlimited class slope racers. The new bag also has a second divider on the wing side to accommodate 3-piece wings.

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